roses – to make your roses last for their maximum life, you will need to condition them. to condition follow steps below:

  1. trim most of thorns and extra leaves
  2. trim bottom of stems (1-2″). diagonal allows more surface area for water absorption
  3. place bottoms (1-2″) into shallow bowl of boiling water. protect the blooms by wrapping in paper. * you will notice the submerged stems will change to a brighter, more vibrant green.
  4. after a few minutes, place in warm water to let them rest and drink.
  5. make sure you change water frequently and blooms should last over a week.

tulips – they actually continue to grow after they are picked. to keep the intended shape/design of the arrangement, you may have to trim the stems.

large vases – add cellophane to the bottom to give height. If vase is clear or frosted, the cellophane will create and “icy” effect. Add waterproof lights inside the plastic to light the design from within.

dahlia – spray blooms with light pist of water daily to prent wilting

Hydrangea –  cut bottoms on a dramatic bias, also smash/break ends to allow for maximum consumption of water

2 responses to “flowers

  1. thanks !! very helpful post!

  2. Wow, I am so thrilled I came across this, because in the beginning of my wedding planning it provides me with so many details to be able to set up my occasion!

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