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As Seen on Style Me Pretty LBB: The Wimbish House Wedding from Three Ring Media + Altmix Photography

Another fabulous wedding on the even more fabulous Style Me Pretty Little Black Book

 As Seen on Style Me Pretty Little Black Book….

Happy Weekend, LBBers! I hope you’re fully enjoying your weekend – but I need your attention for a few minutes. We have a seriously cute couple to share with you today. And a seriously grand wedding. Gorgeous, classic, and chic – just like the blushing bride. A cinematic trailer from the oh so talented team at Three Ring Media to start your day off right – but before we get there, Altmix Photography is on a mission to prove to you just how cute this couple is. Click here for more!

Atlanta Wedding Film

Atlanta Wedding Film 2

Nick and I, unbeknownst to each other, both made similar career changes at the same time.  I decided to pursue a Master’s degree and stop teaching high school, while Nick decided to go back to school for electrical engineering after working as a mechanical engineer.  In the meantime (which turned out to be a recession), we both found jobs as bartenders.

I hired Nick as a bartender in the fine dining restaurant I managed in 2007.  We immediately began working together nightly in a small space, only to find we didn’t get along too well at first.  Nick was used to being the bar manager himself and taking orders from no one.  My cute teasing and boisterous personality made him a bit uncomfortable.  He couldn’t tell if I liked him or not.  I was not quite sure what to make of Nick, either.  His southern accent and snotty personality made me think he was conceited.  I couldn’t tell if he liked me or not.  It was very much like the meeting of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice.

Finally, one night after going out for a drink after work, I mentioned my interest in astronomy.  Nick was currently reading a book titled The Elegant Universe and mentioned the subject of the book: M Theory.  I had been looking for someone to talk with about M Theory for years and couldn’t help from engaging in a twenty-minute conversation as we sat in my car outside the restaurant’s parking lot.  After that, we figured things out; we had both been uncomfortable not knowing what the other thought about us because each of us desperately wanted the other person to like them.  I hired Nick as my boyfriend not long after.  Even though the restaurant went out of business, we know how lucky we have been to be an unemployed literature teacher and an unemployed engineer who met at a restaurant that no longer exists.  And the story is still a bit like Pride and Prejudice although now we have come to the marriage!

Our main goal for our wedding was always to create a family-centered, vintage-inspired, and eclectic wedding, which would still be filled with tradition and southern charm.  We drew inspiration from ourselves as a couple.  We bond over literature and philosophy, shared our first kiss in a gazebo—where Nick proposed to me two years later—and we value our family.  As only children, we shared the importance of having friends and family travel to our wedding only to feel important and peaceful.  So, we decided to incorporate a writing theme where books took the place of table numbers, a vintage typewriter stood in for the guestbook, and the beautiful Wimbish House in midtown Atlanta became our own Victorian garden party location. Of course the bridal table was titled Pride and Prejudice.

My mother & I made the Wimbish House feel like our home, which is one of the charming appeals, to me, of having your wedding in a historic home.  We selected pictures, not just of Nick & I, but also of our family and our parents, grandparents, & great-grandparents on their wedding days to remind us of the heritage and tradition to which we belong.  I also carried Nick’s grandmother’s rosary with my bouquet; however, the most personal touch was the groom’s cake.  Nick’s grandfather, Papa Dude, passed away the winter before our wedding, and I wanted to find a surprising way to include his memory.  Our baker, Sweet Sensations, made a groom’s cake featuring Papa Dude’s boat and we placed traditional cake toppers (from Etsy) in the boat instead of on the bride’s cake.  Our fabulous planner, Nicole Fantz, in addition to placing all our handmade objects and pictures, made sure Nick & his father had private time to view the cake before the ceremony.

I always knew I wanted banquet tables at my reception and our food to be served family style.  After going to many wedding with rounds, I felt, and still feel, that banquet table allow more conversation and remove any hard feeling which may surface regarding table seating.  Also, family style service promotes conversation, adds a rustic (perhaps southern) touch, and saves money!  Our caterer, Endive, was only too happy to accommodate this preference, which allowed us to serve two proteins instead of one!  Our love of wine, my love of sparkling water, and my, now maiden, name (Mason) prompted us to create deconstructed arrangements scattered around the tables housed in wine bottles, San Pellegrino and Perrier bottles, and mason jars.  We collected all the glasses and bottles ourselves and our florist, Melanie Pink, filled them with beautiful, delicate, and rustic florals to add to our theme.  The florals helped frame the vignettes of our tables, pictures, and this lovely home.

The most popular place at our wedding was the patio, where we placed a cigar bar and piped out Sinatra tunes. Even during August heat, the guests crowded the patio and we saw the mingling of our two families. Our elderly male guests can’t stop talking about all the girls smoking cigars!  Nick’s father supplied some very nice cigars for the occasion, and after-dinner drinks, like sherry and liqeuers, accompanied the cigar bar.  As bartenders, we felt we needed to invest in a full bar, and since the Wimbish House let’s you bring in your own liquors, we saved hundreds!

My favorite parts of our wedding were the hand-binding during our ceremony, a private stroll for pictures with our photographers Matt & Kate Altmix, a private delivery of appetizers from our planner, laughing with my husband, listening to my father’s speech, dancing with my mother, and leaving our reception in a horse-drawn carriage, which became a special private trip for us to rejoice in our day together amongst the streets of our city, which always seem more quiet and beautiful out of a car, even with congratulatory shouts!

Our day went by so fast and our memories were quite scattered, so we were so pleased to receive our wedding video from our videographers, Three Ring Media.  Now, we will never forget our memories and how much we would have enjoyed being guests at out own wedding!

Photography: Altmix Photography / Cinematography: Three Ring Media / Floral Designer: Le Bonne Fleur / Planning & Event Design: Nicole Fantz of Peachtree Weddings & Events / Invitations & Favors:Delphine Press / Cake: Sweet Sensations / Caterer: Endive / Wedding Gown Designer: Rivini / Bridesmaids Dresses: J.Crew / Venue: The Wimbish House


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Jamaican Me Crazy Wedding as featured on Style me Pretty

As seen on Style me Pretty

“I sure hope you’ve got some frequent flier miles burning a hole in your pocket, because after you spend some time with this Jamaican wedding from David Murray Weddings, you’re going to be turning up the Bob Marley as you zoom to the airport. You may recognize this couple from their engagement shoot a while back. You may also recognize the bride as one of our favorite LBB floral geniuses, Melanie of Le Bonne Fleur flowers. Needless to say, we were all a tizzy when we finally got a peek into their Caribbean wedding, which did not disappoint. It’s completely stylish, completely laid-back, and completely fabulous. And there is more in the gallery. Ya mon.”

peony and phalaenopsis orchid bridal bouquet

About eight months before we were engaged we took a trip to The Rockhouse Hotel. My family has always liked those hidden, off the beaten path places and decided to try Rockhouse.  After spending a week swimming in the lagons, cliff jumping, sleeping, eating, taking in the breathtaking western susnsets and enjoying the friendly staff and laidback atmosphere of Jamaica, Mike turned to me and said “I have never been this relaxed in my life!”

When we got engaged, we thought this would be the prefect place to get married and share with our friends and family. Since the resort was the perfect size, we figured we could occupy the whole thing and spend the weekend sharing, celebrating and entertaining those closest to us. We did just that and have no regrets!

The setting was a large part of the inspiration for the style and overall feel of the wedding. Being in Jamaica, where “ya mon” is a way of life, we wanted things to be relaxed and comfortable, from the guests’ attire (flip flops welcome) to the family style sit-down dinner.

Our palate was neutral as the surroundings of the property’s gardens, the ocean and sunset were the focus of the decor. The Rockhouse Hotel is located on the cliffs at the western most point of the island, making for the most spectacular sunsets. The ceremony, cocktail and reception all took place here.

Rocks, cliffs and jumping became a theme throughout the wedding and weekend’s events. Not only did the venue provide the perfect setting for this, being perched up on the cliffs, but also the act of “jumping-in” seemed to be the perfect metaphor for taking the leap into marriage. We incorporated hand drawn images of cliff jumping by our stationer, Paper Daisies, and select phrases custom calligraphed by calligrapher Neither Snow on the invitations and RSVP cards.

To conclude the wedding weekend, Mike and I recreated the image on our invitations in person, jumping in with both feet into our new life as a married couple – committed fully, no turning back, a little scary, but so much fun!

One memory I will never forget is how nervous, excited and hot (I think that was the warmest day of my life) I was before I walked down the aisle. Once I saw Mike standing at the end of the aisle, I didn’t feel any of that. It all went away and my focus was on him. The most vivid memory Mike has of our actual wedding day was “the beauty that glowed from Melanie as she turned the corner and walked down the aisle with her father, tears rolling down her face.  I have been known to cry at times like these, but I did not.  I really couldn’t do anything else but smile at that point, knowing I was about to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love.”

Photography: David Murray Weddings / Venue: Rockhouse Hotel / Event Coordination: Rockhouse Hotel/ Invitations & Rock Jumping Illustration: Paper Daisies / Calligraphy: Neither Snow / Shoes: Valentino/ Dress: Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Collection / Pearls: Dolmas Pearls / Groom’s Attire: Tommy Bahama / Makeup: Marissa Nemes

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Everything French…

I love this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty today. Love the casual french accents, as well as the location… Its so romantic!!!

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Little Black Book – stylemepretty.com

Le Bonne Fleur is happy to announce it is now a part of the very exclusive network of stylemepretty’s Little Black Book Vendors. Thank you to Linda of David Murray Weddings for the connection to becoming part of this great site!

Style Me Pretty, Little Black Book Vendor


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