Fleury Fridays: Wildflower

WILDFLOWERS: Wildflowers can be some of the most gorgeous, spirited flowers. They are free, loose and, oh, so organic. Whether in a single sprout of a flower on the side of a road, an open field or a contained space, wildflowers have a natural beauty unlike another. When in Napa Valley this past weekend the wildflowers were rampant and I couldn’t help but notice. I realized, for some reason the sun is always shining on a patch of wildflowers… or maybe the wildflowers make the sun a little brighter?? It’s hard to say, really. Regardless, step back, take a look at the wildflowers around you; whether you are driving down a highway, in your driveway or in Napa.

Next time you are inspired or want to surprise a loved one or friend, pick some of these flowers and create an impromptu bouquet. You are guaranteed to be given a smile in return.

If you are interested in arranging a private consultation with Le Bonne Fleur, please contact:

Melanie Pink, melanie@lebonnefleur.com, 404.242.7782


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